Why Extractions may be necessary

If a root canal fails or a tooth develops a pus pocket, the only way to get yourself out of pain is by having the tooth extracted from the mouth. Your Dentist in Birmingham will x-ray the area to see how bad the infection is and to see if the root canal has failed or not. Some teeth need to be extracted because the decay has rotted the tooth and there is nothing the Dentist can do to save it.

Some people need to have extractions because the tooth may be blocking other teeth from growing in properly. Extractions are also common for wisdom teeth or your third set of molars as they are not necessary to have. Wisdom teeth are often impacted and they could be turned to the side, which can be very painful if they try to grow in. Your Birmingham Dentist will advise you as to whether or not you will be able to keep your wisdom teeth or if they need to be extracted.

Teeth can be removed if they are causing misalignment in the mouth because there is not enough room for all of the teeth. This is a common practice for braces and other orthodontic treatments. It is important for the tooth to be extracted right away if it becomes infected. An infected tooth can actually lead to very serious health consequences as they will turn toxic and can leak poison into your blood stream. This will cause you to become very ill and it may lead to hospitalization. Some people have actually died as a result of teeth that become infected and poisoned them.

Extractions only take a few minutes to complete but the healing process can take a few weeks. You will need to follow the after treatment process as laid forth by your Dentist in order to prevent swelling and dislodging the blood clots.

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