Why Jewelry Boxes are an Important Part of Every Jewelry Collection

Any woman that has a jewelry collection will tell you that she did not build that collection overnight. The reason for that is because jewelry reflects an individual’s style, taste and desires and is something that takes time to develop. Additionally, jewelry is expensive. Unless you are uber rich, it is not possible to amass a collection of precious jewelry overnight. Anyone that collects things that are worth any appreciable value will tell you that you need to take care of them so that they remain in mint condition and retain their value. Since jewelry is often sentimental in value also, it is even more important to care for a collection properly. All of this leads to one conclusion; you need a jewelry box to properly care for your jewelry collection. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why jewelry boxes are vital.

To Keep Your Jewelry Clean – There is nothing that will make your jewelry lose it luster quicker than dust and dirt. Jewelry has a lot of small spaces and crevices that dust and dirt can get into and your jewelry will be exposed to enough dirt while you are wearing it. Using a quality jewelry box will ensure that your jewelry is not collecting unneeded dust and dirt and will save you money down the road by saving you from professional jewelry cleaning fees.

To Keep Your Jewelry Undamaged – Most of the scratches, chips, dings, and dents that jewelry receives result from improper storage. Many women store their jewelry pieces together in small cardboard boxes, in a drawer or some other similar location where their jewelry is allowed to slide around, rub against each other, tangle, etc resulting in damage. Using a jewelry box ensures that your jewelry is properly stored and not getting unneeded scratches or dings.

To Keep Your Jewelry Within the Proper Environmental Conditions – Excessive sun light, heat and moisture can all be damaging to jewelry. Excessive sun light can lead to bleaching and fading. Excessive heat and moisture can accelerate the tarnishing process. Additionally, chemicals and cosmetics that can often be found in the same areas where jewelry is stored can also be damaging to jewelry and will accelerate the tarnishing process. By using a jewelry box, you are protecting your jewelry collection from these and other excessive conditions. (Hint – to reduce exposure to excess moisture place small silica gel packets in your jewelry box. You can repurpose the ones you find in your pill and vitamin bottles).

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