Why Lara Croft Costumes are Popular?

For those who are not familiar with her, Lara Croft is the Heroin in the movie Tomb Raider. The action-adventure movie is actually a conceptualized version of the video game series which is played by the female treasure hunter Lara Croft. The video game is so popular that it Lara Croft is titled as the “Most Successful Human Videogame Heroine” by Guinness Book of Records.

The video game was soon conceptualized into a film. Lara Croft is brought as an adventurous daughter of an aristocrat. She is intelligent, fiery and loves adventures. She goes into unsafe tombs in search for both adventure and priceless treasures. Played by Angelina Jolie with her stunning and strong features, Lara has captured more audiences than it used to with just the video game.
Who would not want a Lara Croft Costume ? The heroine is the female counterpart of Indiana Jones. But she is not just a symbol of feminism and sexuality. She is also a character of adventurous, fiery, strong and independent woman. Not to mention her sexy, and beautiful physical features of flowing long hair and curvaceous body. Furthermore, her status as an heiress, with all the cars and gadgets, has made her a great icon not just by women but to men as well. She is totally an image of a woman with great persona.
Because of Tomb Raider’s popularity, Lady Croft’s fans increased in numbers. Her collectible items were popularized and are collected by her fans; from T-shirts, to cups, mugs and other paraphernalia to the making of the complete set of her costume. That is when Lara Croft’s costumes started to get popular during Halloweens. Some have even worn the long wig and knee-high boots in exact replica to Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider Costumes in the movie. There are even pistols just like the ones on video games and movie.

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