Why Obesity is Not Good

People have different body types.  Some are thin, some may be fat, and still some are obese.  One’s body type can have an impact on one’s personality.  However, we may not be fully aware that some of our behavior can be a result of our body type.  Every day we are out meeting and facing people.  There are instances when we are not comfortable being with people due to any factors.

One of these factors is when we are suffering from obesity.  It is easier for a thin person to assimilate confidently among people.  For the obese, socialization becomes an issue.  Even moving around becomes a problem or an embarrassment.  The reasons below are to let the readers aware of the consequences when one is obese.
The following are some reasons on why obesity is not good on a social basis:

1. It leads to awkward moments – When one is an obese he has a difficulty moving in public places.  For instance, an obese person may find it difficult doing some movements like sitting in regular-sized chair or climbing the stairs.  These might lead to embarrassment and can be an emotional drawback.

2. It is difficult to get the right clothes or the right shoe size – Not all stores sell clothes or shoes for the obese size.  As such, one is forced to have tailor-made clothes and made-to-order footwear.  In turn, this will be more costly than regular sizes and there are lesser options for design choices.

3. It lessens your chances of getting a job – Obesity can be hazardous in your workplace and employers would silently want to avoid this risk.  An obese person’s health might be a risk factor in the job if he is hired.  He might have a sudden gasp for air during a strenuous day, which in turn could lead to other complications.

4. It prevents one from enjoying some activities like dancing or sports – One is hindered from participating longer in some forms of social or general activities due to his excessive weight.

5. It is a risk factor in emergency cases – It is on an emergency that one can fully understand why obesity is not good.  An obese person cannot fully run or even pass through an emergency exit fast among the throngs of people.  He will easily be gasping for air due to effort and stress while trying to get out from an emergency situation.  It is best that one avoids getting obese.  If one is already obese, he should seek medical advice. Obesity can be prevented but one has to sacrifice in following the doctor’s orders.

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