Why People Like Hamster Cages Made of Plastic and Wire

The hamster cage that’s made of a combination of plastic and wire parts is a very popular choice. There are many different reasons for the popularity of this type hamster habitat.

Colorful plastic: If you look online or in a pet store, these combination cages always stand out because of their bright colors. The manufacturers make them in pretty much all the colors of the rainbow including green, red, blue, and many more, including pink. Having a hamster cage with bright colors can make watching your hamster run around the cage a more enjoyable experience. A recommendation is to stick with the lighter colors. It’s easier for you to see in and watch your hamster. It’s also easier for your hamster to see out. Hamsters are colorblind, but the dark colors can make it more difficult for them to look out and see you.

Complete package: Unlike aquariums or wire cages this type of combination hamster cage usually comes with a lot of pieces. In addition to the base and the wire sides, there’s a plastic top and sometimes plastic tubes or a plastic hideout on top. Some of them also have colorful plastic exercise wheels, a hamster house, a water bottle, and food bowl.

One reason people like to get these complete packages is that everything you need is all there. For people who are getting their first hamster this is very convenient. But if you have had hamsters before, you probably already have an exercise wheel and water bottle and a food bowl. Don’t throw them away. You may need to use them if the pieces in the package aren’t the right size for your hamster.

Selection: Not only can you buy complete packages, but you will find quite a few different types of combination cages. They come in many different sizes from one story all the way up to a three story cage. When you combine that with the color choices you have, you can see you’ll have a wide range of selection when picking this type hamster home.

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