Why the Most Expensive Varieties of Dog Food Are Not Always the Best

There are many of us who live under the impression that the most expensive varieties of dog food are the best. It is frequently advised that people who are keen on shopping for dog food should first of all undertake research, to understand what the nutritional value and safety profiles of the various types of dog food they consider buying are like. Unfortunately, many of us hate anything to do with research – and so, rather than undertaking research, we simply buy the most expensive dog food variety available; under the belief that it is likely to be the best.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the most expensive varieties of dog food are not always the best.

In fact, the cost of a dog food variety has very little to do with its quality (either in terms of nutritional value or safety to the cannines).

It is, of course, true that there are some makers of dog food who select only very high quality raw materials for the manufacture of their dog food (in a situation where such very high quality ingredients cost a lot of money), and who on that account, end up having to sell their dog food expensively. But there are also many cases where manufacturers use commonplace ingredients in making dog food, but still insist on selling it expensively to make super-profits.

Therefore, in the final analysis, it is fallacious to assume that the most expensive dog food is necessarily the best. It is similarly fallacious to assume that to buy cheap dog food varieties are necessarily of poor quality. Due to high operational efficiency, a given dog food manufacturer may still end up being able to sell their dog food cheaply (in spite of it being very high quality dog food). Similarly, through things like grocery coupons and discount cards, it is possible to get otherwise premium quality dog food at very low prices.

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