Why Should Consider Investing in an Amerikooler Walk In Cooler

Have you ever heard of a walk in cooler? These cooling units are very different from the usual fridge and freezers that you see at home and in other commercial establishments. Unlike the free-standing and conventional models of refrigerators, walk in cooling systems are much bigger and more spacious. In fact, you can walk right into it, hence the name. They are the top choice when there is a dire need for storing larger quantities of perishable goods and frozen products. Restaurants and other businesses catering to the food industry are the typical users of this kind of cooling system. Normally, the need for walk in cooling system usually arises when 250 meals or huge quantities of food must be kept and stored on a daily basis. If your refrigeration or freezing needs is below the said quantity, then investing in this kind of cooling system is not really necessary.

In particular, Amerikooler is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality, efficient, and reliable walk in cooling systems. When it comes to the best walk in units, Amerikooler is definitely the brand to trust. Amerikooler is one of the few manufacturing companies that really live up to their claims. The company has been in the industry for almost 25 years and has already served millions of satisfied clients within the said timeframe. Since the company was established, it already produced a great line of commercial fridge freezers, specifically the walk in units, which are highly regarded for their quality and efficient performance.

When you buy an Amerikooler walk in cooler, here are some of the great features that you can expect to enjoy.

Amerikooler walk in cooling units are generally constructed from individual panels. The unit has a separate panel for its walls, ceiling and flooring. The panels of the unit are made from high-quality aluminum that is weather resistant and fairly priced. The unit’s door includes a light switch, locking handle, and a dial thermostat. Since the panels of the unit are constructed only from the best and most durable materials, you are guaranteed to enjoy the service of your Amerikooler walk in cooling unit for a long time.

Apart from that, its panels come with a 10-year warranty, while its compressor has a 5-year warranty. The EC motors being utilized by these cooling units are also very energy-efficient, thus, allowing users to enjoy up to 55% of energy savings.

Finally, all orders are carefully shipped and handled with complete care to ascertain that the clients will receive their Amerikooler walk in cooling units in the best possible condition.

With all the information stated above, purchasing walk in coolers manufactured by Amerikoolers is undoubtedly a wise decision and a worthwhile investment.

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