Why You Need To Build A Mailing List For Your Music

If you make music and you haven’t already started building a mailing list, you are basically leaving money on the table. Marketers have been using mailing lists for years to increase the amount of interaction they have with their subscribers, and squeeze every last bit of money out of them (In the nicest possible way of course). The thing is, a music subscriber list can really mean the difference between someone visiting your website once and never returning, and someone visiting your site, signing up to your list, and you having contact with them for months or years to come.

Many people who visit websites only do so once or twice before they forget about it. After all, there’s so many different sites online why would they always just visit yours? If that time they do visit your website you’re offering free songs in exchange for their email address however, this may just be something they are interested in.

Once you have their email address, you can email them every week or two with updates on what you’re doing, and giving them more free songs here and there. This will better your relationship with them, and make it more likely they keep visiting your website. Furthermore, it’ll mean they will be more likely to buy your music when it comes out as they will feel like they know you. They will also feel part of the project if you keep them updated with it while you’re making it.

You can now put your opt in form on your bandpage facebook. It should go there if you have Facebook, as well as any other places you can put it. On your own website you should at least have your sign up form in your sidebar and on a separate squeeze page. Possibly below your posts as well.

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