Why You Should and How to Properly Floss

When it comes to using dental floss, people have the most creative excuses for why they aren’t able to floss. The only thing is that my Stockton dentist has counter rebuttals to every excuse that you have planned out. It’s time for you to take out the idea that flossing is just an optional thing. The thing is that brushing your teeth is not and will never be just optional if you want to keep your teeth.

Periodontal diseases arise because of the plaque that forms, not just in the area where the teeth and the gum line meet, but also in the spaces between each tooth. Plaque is the bacterial buildup that is found in your teeth.

What happens is that plaque eats up the gums and can even affect the adjacent bones and the lower face in extreme conditions. Gum recession exposes the roots of your teeth and can even cause bone density changes to the jaw bones. Teeth are anchored in the bones and tooth loss can arise if the bones are infected.

If you take pride in your smile, not flossing can be a huge problem because exposed tooth roots aren’t really nice to look at. Not flossing leads to plaque build-up which is the “root” cause of that problem.

Method of Flossing

Some people claim that huge fingers, lack of dexterity and other factors keep them from flossing. To solve this dilemma, you can use floss holders to help you floss without having to use both hands. Floss holders look like the letter Y and are disposable (and for a good reason).

Make sure that you don’t skimp on the dental floss. You need around 18 inches of dental floss in order for you to effectively dislodge plaque and other food particles. Make sure that you’re gently flossing and that you allow the dental floss to follow the contours of the tooth. your stockton dentist shows some valuable techniques and tips on keeping your teeth clean and in good health.

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