Wood vs. Metal: The Garage Talks

In choosing the materials that you are going to use for your garage, it is actually a debate between wood and metal. Metal is good since it is durable, and while using other materials, you are really sure that your garage is as sturdy as it can be. However, using wood as a primary material on constructing your garage might benefit you more than its metal counterpart.

Wooden garage plans are no different from other garage plans, except for the fact that it is going to be made primarily out of wood. Wood garages are getting more attention from homeowners because of its versatility and low-maintenance. One notable feature is that this type of garage provides natural insulation since the wood acts as a barrier from heat and other elements of weather.

It can come in a do-it-yourself package that you can erect yourself (or with the help of your buddy from across the street) following easy to understand directions. Make sure though that the wood you are taking is treated with chemicals against termites and other pests, as well as for fire. This will prolong the life of your garage.

The garage will give off that feeling of nature, and if you are living in the suburbs, a wooden garage with pine or oak finish will really blend in with nature. Concrete or metal might look too harsh if put against your surroundings.

On a more technical side of construction, some garage plans are only applicable to certain pre-determined measurements. What if you have extra space, then it would be a waste not to include it in the garage area. If you use wood, then you can compensate for the extra space, and you can always redesign your wooden garage plans.

Take note, however, that a wooden garage will take longer to build. You can take it back through the expenses, as wood is generally cheaper than wood.

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