You Can Have Healthy Hair

Whether you are suffering from male pattern baldness or its female counterpart known as female pattern hair loss, you have to know the truth about what can help your hair grow healthy again. The web is already full of so called hair growth remedies that are actually ineffective and only make the people selling these scams richer. The FDA in the US has given its approval to only one topical medication that treats hair loss because it is the only drug with proven effectiveness. Minoxidil is the drug contained in hair growth products which is very effective.

Remember that a topical hair loss solution, which is a medication applied directly to the scalp, should contain this government approved drug. Minoxidil was actually developed for the treatment of high blood pressure. The drug makes the small blood vessels in the body increase in size and, thus, blood flow becomes less restricted. With the decrease in restriction, the blood pressure also decreases which allows the blood to flow smoothly.

During the final clinical trials of this drug, an interesting outcome was noticed. Most of the men who had male pattern baldness in the trial also saw a significant decrease of their hair loss. One of the researchers noted this outcome and from there, new clinical trials were conducted.

The new clinical test confirmed that Minoxidil did have the capability to prevent the effects of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). As a matter of fact, half of the men in the original study were observed to have improvement in hair growth and reduction in hair loss.

More studies by different sources have also concluded these same results. Men are allowed to have treatment with a 5% solution applied to the balding scalp twice a day. Women are recommended to use a 2% solution but there are women who also use their husband’s formula and the results are still good.

If you need to know more about how to have a healthy hair, feel free to visit us at the Hair Restoration and Replacement Blog. We just tell the truth about hair loss and hair growth.

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