Zebra Print Blouses Make a Basic Wardrobe Pop

If you are looking for a way to make your basic wardrobe into something extraordinary, then zebra print blouses are the way to go. Zebra print is bold, sassy, and will definitely get you noticed for not too much extra money out of pocket.

The zebra print is the boldest and most modern of all animal prints. Its stripes mimic the geometric patterns that are so popular in women’s fashions today, yet give the impression that the wearer is a confident and ready to take a chance or two. After all, outside of a zoo or animal park, the only place you are likely to see African animal prints in the wild is on safari. The daring nature of the trip you would undertake to see these majestic beasts in the wild gives animal prints a slightly romanticized nature and says that you are either confident enough to pull off wearing this print, or take a far flung travel or two.

Animal prints have been hot commodities for awhile now, but zebra print apparel is by far the favorite of fahionistas and high end designers alike. Zebra print blouses are a staple in most wardrobes these days because of their ability to take a basic suit, skirt or pair of slacks and make them into something exotic and stylish.

Wearing animal print blouses is not for everyone though; you really do need the right personality to pull of a bold pattern. If you are not feeling confident enough to tackle a zebra print blouse, then consider zebra accessories or earrings. Accessories are a great way to ease into wearing bolder animal prints when you are new to dressing to get noticed.

Whether or not you are looking to take a basic wardrobe up to a new level, or just want to get noticed, zebra print blouses are a good way to do that. They are easy to find and readily available in both online retail outlets and department stores.

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