3 Different Types Of Waterbed Sheets

If you are still contemplating on whether you should buy waterbeds for the fear of limited bedding, you can put that thought away now. That was a thing of the past because you will now have a wide selection of waterbed sheets to choose from which has different designs, colors and sizes.

Satin sheets are very popular among families because of its smoothness which is also described as slippery by some people. Most people would indulge in the comfort of sleeping on it. The common materials for producing satin are silk and polyester. The polyester satin sheets are extremely resilience and are much cheaper. As for the silk sheets, it is more luxurious but come at the expense of higher cost. These sheets usually include both the fitted sheet as well as the top sheet which is attached below the bed. The reason for this would be to hold the sheets in place preventing it from slipping off.

The most common material for waterbed sheets is cotton. They are perfect for use in tropical countries as it is very breathable and comes at a low cost too. The quality of cotton sheets is measured based on thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer and better quality it is. However, higher quality bedding would also imply higher cost. If you want to strike a balance between comfort and cost, I would recommend you to get one that is of at least 200 thread counts. Cotton sheets are also deliberately made bigger because it shrinks upon washing which end up fitting the mattress perfectly. Cleaning these sheets are very simple as well and can be easily done at home.

The last commonly found waterbed sheets would be the percale sheets which can be found in 100% cotton, polyester or a blend of both. Percale refers to the way it is weaved and has nothing to do with the material used. Due to its unique weaving method, percale sheets are very durable and can easily last you for 5-10 years if properly maintained. They can be cleaned easily using the washing machine which saves you the hassle of bringing them to laundry stores.

After looking at the different types of waterbed sheets, I hope that you got a better idea on what are the choices that available out there in the market. If you intend to purchase one, do get it online as there are more choices as compared to the departmental stores and also at a cheaper rate.

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