An Insight Into Antique Dining Furniture History

Antique décor can give a lot of elegance and grace when furnishing your household. When it comes to asking which part of the household is mostly designed in an antique décor, then the answer will be: the dining room.  This décor usually comes with many different furniture elements such as antique dining chairs, dining tables, serving tables, coffee tables, side tables and cabinets. If we choose to furnish our dining room with antique dining furniture we first have to consider that we have to set it up in an area where it will be in accordance with the rest of the furniture. The antique style will not have the desired impact if it is fitted together with a very modern design.

Mostly the antique dining furniture is made of heavy wood (solid mahogany, cherry or walnut, or the most popular one-black oak), thus it is very durable and comfortable. Some pieces are covered with thick fabric or leather upholsteries.

All throughout the history, dining was considered a special family ceremony, requiring a specially selected with much elegance and good taste carved furniture for that purpose.  The family gathered around the dining table two or three times a day so it was a piece of furniture which was considered to be of a great importance and it was decorated in that manner. This type of furniture became to be fashionable in the late 19-th century mostly in the old English, Dutch and Colonial style. These pieces of furniture are considered to be artifacts. Buying them is also a good investment in the future because the longer we have them, the more valuable they become.  We cannot achieve this goal when we buy modern furniture.

We have to be very careful when we choose to buy antique furniture because there are a lot of forgeries nowadays. So before we buy something claimed to be antique, we first need to make a good inspection of it.

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