Considerations For Using A Room Divider Screen

Room divider screens are extremely useful when trying to define a space within a room.  Any large room with an open plan could potentially benefit from a divider screen.  They can be utilize in both home and office spaces, to help reduce noise and hide unsightly items.  They provide functional and decorative elements to the room.  Where to position the room divider screen is dependent on the size of the screen and its purpose in the room.

Smaller screens are more mobile than the larger ones.  These can be used to create a private space, such as a dressing area in a bedroom.  The screen can then be folded and placed against a wall till needed again.  Larger screens are more cumbersome to move due to their weight.  They are popular for use as an office divider screen. The screens create individual offices or meeting spaces in large open rooms.  They could also create a private bedroom in an open loft style apartment.

Which room the divider screen is to be used in will help a person determine the size and style of the screen.  The screen frames can be made of just about anything imaginable.  Wood is the most popular choice.  Bamboo, metals, and plastic options are increasing in popularity.  Some screens have a frame and feature fabric or even paper stretched across the frame.  Office screen dividers tend to be sturdier and less decorative than the home variety.

Divider screens can be purchased in a myriad of places.  Furniture stores, mass merchandisers, department stores and office supply stores offer a large variety of options.  The largest selection is on the Internet.  However, these dividers can be pricey to ship.  Functionality is as valuable as design.  Measure the space before going shopping to assure a perfect fit.  A little bit of preparedness will prevent a costly mistake.

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