Dating Tips for when a Guy Likes You

After going on a successful date, you can feel extremely elated at the prospect of finding a good partner.  However, there is always that aspect of dating which leaves you feeling a little bit uncertain.  Sometimes it is not always easy to tell if a guy actually likes you.  There is no magic secret or love spells that will reveal anyone’s true intentions, but you do not have to be entirely clueless either.  While you have to take into account different types of personalities, there are also some things that generally remain constant in the dating world.  If you are observant and patient you will be able to tell if a guy likes you are not.  You can read up on numerous the best dating tips to start you off, but nothing replaces experience and the observation.  So keep your eye out for these things and see if they hold true in your own experience.

If a guy likes you then he will most likely try to flirt.  In fact, if you encounter a guy who is not flirting with you in any way at all then he is either not interested or extremely shy.  So assess the situation as best you can so you can avoid possible embarrassment.  In other words, don’t make a move if a guy is not flirting with you in any way.

If a guy likes you that he will find an excuse to be in your company whenever possible.  So if you tell him that you’re going to be at a show and then he suddenly appears, that is a good sign.  Remember that social networking sites are extremely popular today so your whereabouts are not always secret.  You can use this to your advantage by posting where you will be and seeing if the object of your affection shows up.

One good sign that a guy likes you is if he acts jealous at the proposition of another man in the picture.  This can be a good or bad thing depending on how jealous he gets.  But if it seems something harmless and playful then you can be relatively sure that this is a healthy type of attraction.

A guy will maintain eye contact with you if he likes your company.  If you’re engaged in a good conversation then he will actually do a lot of talking with his eyes.  He might not even be able to control subtle glances at your hair in lips which further indicate interest.  If however, your partner is always looking in a different direction or seems uninterested, then that is not a good sign.

Look for these clues, among others, to see if a guy is interested in you. With time you can develop a mental checklist that you can use to determine your odds for dating success.

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