Divan Beds Are Still Popular Today

Divan beds are extremely popular because they are perhaps one of the most unique styles of bedding you can buy. A bed like this is not just a great bed and somewhere comfortable to sleep, they also double as big storage compartments too. Basically the mattress for the bed is sat on top of a platform, but under the platform is where the drawers a built. Because of where these drawers are placed they will normally be really wide and equally deep, which means they give you a huge amount of storage for larger items. You could keep your winter blankets or clothing in them, your spare bedding, or anything else you can think of.

There is in fact a few different types of divan bed base for you to consider. The platform type mentioned above, is just a platform with a mattress sat on top of it. Beds like this will normally be a bit firmer, and cheaper too. The second style is the sprung base divan that has a spring system built into it. A bed like this is going to be quite a bit softer than the platform, so the style you go for will depend on how firm you like your bed and also your budget, as they cost a bit more. The spring base is more expensive than the platform just because it is a much more complex design.

You will be able to find divan beds at pretty much all furniture stores and also many department stores. The internet is also a great place to look, not just for buying these beds but also to do research all of the different brands and model, as well as really quick way to do a lot of price comparing. A lot of people these days will use more than one divan bed in their home. These beds can be a great addition to a home office, turning it in to a guest bedroom in a matter of minutes. Because they are so flexible and have many uses, the divan bed is an attractive choice for many home owners.

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