DIY Garage Storage

The idea of coming up with a plan for garage storage as well as determining then what items to buy for garage storage can be quite a challenge for some people. It can also strain the budget when you see all of the beautiful garage cabinets and garage shelving only to see the price tag and get sticker shock. If you are looking to help improve the garage space and increase the storage areas, there are some cheaper garage storage solutions that you can come up with that can give you the joy of completing a DIY project as well as saving you some cash at the end of the day. Here is a look at some different items that you may be able to use to help get you started.

Kitchen Cabinets – either from a kitchen remodel at your house or at a garage sale, you can pick up a good amount of cabinet space at a low cost that can be hung on the garage walls. With a little bit of sanding and paint, they can look as good as new.

School Lockers – if you are looking for overhead garage storage or tall storage units, you might be able to pick up old school lockers either from a junkyard or from a school selling them to raise money.

Magnet blocks – instead of spending money on plastic tool bins for small screws and nuts, you can make a magnet block out of wood and long magnet strips that can be attached to the side of a shelve or cabinet where items can be attached to.

Otherwise old jam, pickle or some other type of glass jars work well for holding screws, nails, plastic ties and other items to help keep them together and from getting lost.

Nails – if you don’t mind putting a few holes in your wall, you can create your own type of storage system by putting long nails next to each other that can help you hang various garden tools instead of buying a track or rail system.

Two for one organizers – you can also get creative in the garage and by storing one item create storage for others. For example, hanging a ladder horizontally on the wall could allow you to hand several items vertically from it. Hanging a hose on a hook could allow you to then hang an extension cord from the hose.

The possibilities for creating cheap DIY garage storage are very real with a little bit of imagination and a little effort. It will give you extra storage space in the garage along with giving you the satisfaction of completing a home project all by yourself.

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