Dog training – how to make your dog your best friend

There are many types of dog training courses available that will teach you how to get your dog to be obedient, how to teach it not to bite and so on and so forth. If you do all these courses and techniques, will that automatically result in your dog becoming your best friend? Is dog obedience training conducive to a friendship? I am afraid that any type of dog training in itself will not necessarily have this outcome. I have seen dogs that are extremely well trained but if you look at the relationship between the dog and trainer, there does not seem to be anything that resembles friendship.

If you look into it a bit further, one often sees magic relationships between dogs and children, although the child might not have trained the dog initially. Have you ever had visitors at your house and suddenly your dog seems to be particularly interested in a specific individual even though they have never met them before. I have seen dogs that are normally cautious of strangers walk right up to someone and allow themselves to be petted and stroked. Why is this?

Any friendship is a two way street where both parties get something of value out of being together and sharing. If you approach dog training as something that has to be done rather than something fun that you and your dog can do together, chances are that although there will be a bond, it will not necessarily be one of friendship. Being passionate about dogs and loving them is the key. Your dog will sense this, and the more time you spend together in having fun and doing things you both enjoy, the stronger your relationship will grow. Is that not ultimately what all friendships are built on?

Training your dog how to fetch your newspaper will in itself not build a friendship. Dog training will however build a foundation onto which a lifelong friendship can develop and thrive.

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