Expanded Uses of the Wedge Pillow

The Wedge Pillow is a cushion that provides an inclined surface for the upper body to rest against during relaxation or sleep. It can be a variety of angles from a gently inclining slope to a steep one that almost positions the user in an upright position. The use of this pillow falls mainly into 2 categories of people.

The first group is people who get medical or orthopedic benefits from such a cushion. These might be people who suffer back, neck or shoulder discomfort and find some relief by sleeping on a slope. Some pillows have special neck or head rests built in to the main body of the pillow for extra support. Then there are the people who have breathing difficulties or sleep apnea. Sleeping semi-upright helps to clear the air passages so it can relieve blockages that will cause problems – snorers (and their partners) may benefit from one of these pillows, for example. There are also people who suffer from acid reflux (Gerds) – sleeping upright prevents the stomach acids from rising to the throat so the symptoms are often reduced.

The second major group of people who use wedge pillows are those who spend time in bed doing other things than sleeping This may be reading a few pages of a book or magazine, whereby sleeping upright makes it easier. There are others who like watching TV or movies and will typically prop themselves up with a bunch of standard pillows, until they slip and become uncomfortable and have to rearrange everything again after 10 minutes Finally there are people who are bed-ridden for a while for medical reasons – these people may have to take medicine regularly and this process is facilitated by a wedge pillow raising the body to take the pills with water or to drink any liquids in fact.

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