Fitting a treeless saddle on the horse

There are important steps in choosing a treeless saddle for your horse to make sure that whatever saddle you buy will complement the contour of the horse’s back and at the same time make it comfortable for the horse to bear. It is an important point to know that the rider’s weight should never be distributed to the pommel or cantle as this will cause unnecessary friction to the horse’s withers and spine and that is extremely unhealthy.

While choosing a treeless saddle pad is a very vital decision when using this type of saddle versus the treed ones, it is also equally essential to make sure that you have manually assessed the fitting of a saddle unto a horse. Determining the right fit is not really a difficult job when you know exactly how it is done. Do not focus too much on the brands or the amazing design presented to you through advertisements or recommended by friends. Knowledgeable horse riding people who are also concerned about their horse’s condition on top of their desire to have the most excellent riding know for a fact the right horse fit is most essential in the purchase of a saddle.

The first thing you should do is remove the rigid piece of the pommel and see to it that the pommel (or saddle tree) is not too narrow as you fit it onto the horse and that it matches the angle of his body. To achieve a good fit, a little of padding is required. You can choose to adjust the padding later on as you proceed into riding in order to get the best clearance on the withers.  While riding on the saddle, see to it that the tightness under the pommel and cantle is just enough. You can improve this by choosing a saddle with zippered pockets that hold the pommel and cantle.

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