Food and culture in Redovan

Many people from northern European countries like to travel south during the summer months in order to vacation in the warmer climates of Greece, Italy, and Spain. Spain is a very popular destination for British tourists, as well as German, Irish, Dutch, and Scandinavian tourists. This is very understandable since the northern European winters can be very cold and wet, and the summers that are experienced here are never really guaranteed to heat up those chilly bones. But if you come down to the south of Spain you are almost guaranteed to have the sunshine.

One of the areas that are popular in Spain is the province of Alicante, or more commonly known as the Costa Blanca. But more and more people are trying to avoid the throngs of the major tourist crowds and the package holiday scene by exploring deeper into the province than ever before. And the Spanish towns and cities that are away from the Coast are responding to this demand. One of these towns is known as Redovan. This town is one of the older towns in the region and is situated at the base of the mountain known as the Sierra de Callosa. The economy of the town is based around many service industries, the manufacturing of hemp and hemp products, and the oldest form of economy … agriculture.

The Costa Blanca is famous for its food and good wine. And, Redovan is no different. The only difference between Redovan and cities such as Benidorm is that you will have a lot more peace and quiet in order to enjoy your food here in the small town. The population of the town is less than 6000 people and most of the food that you will be served here will be grown locally. The vegetables are very fresh and can be bought at the local markets. The fruits that come off the local trees are exactly the same. And with the Coast being so close, the supply of seafood is extraordinary. But the best thing about the food in this region is the preparation. There is no need for consultation with recipes from cookbooks because the techniques for pulling together these delicious meals have been handed down over generations.

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