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Get Free Colored Contacts Samples Without a Prescription

Color contacts are all the rage lately and this trend is growing quickly. Not only are people more style conscious but they also want to enhance their natural beauty as well. People want to know how to get free color contact samples without a prescription, so that they can decide on the best color that fits their personality. But, in the U.S. in order to get any type of contact lenses you will need a prescription from an eye doctor. This was not always the case a few years ago as contact lenses were considered cosmetic devices instead of medical devices and were easier to obtain without a prescription.

Color contacts need to be fitted properly to one’s eye and if you have vision that needs to be corrected you will need to see an eye care specialist before you purchase contact lenses. There are some eye conditions such as astigmatism that require a certain type of contact lens and only an eye care professional can prescribe them.

Even though there are places where you can get free color contact samples without a prescription, it is highly recommended that you see your eye doctor and go through the proper channels beforehand. There are many ways to get free trials and you usually can obtain them after your checkup from your eye doctor, they have many samples on hand that you can try both regular and colored, and they will be given to you according to your prescription and measurements.

There are also optical dealers online who offer free trials on color contacts, just make sure that you have your prescription information before you order them. Be aware that not all optical dealers online are reputable and you will need to do your share of research to find a dealer that deals only in quality contact lens products. You vision will thank you for taking the time to see an eye care specialist and making sure that you get the type of product that is best for you eyes and ones that will not jeopardize your vision.

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