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Help With Potty Training

Potty training your child does not have to be a frustrating job. It may be challenging to figure out the exact time that is right and the method to use, but you can do so without making your child feel bad. We have all heard diaper punishment stories where the child is made feel like a failure for not knowing when or how to use the potty and for still wearing a diaper. Shaming a child does much harm and no good.

Your child will give your cues on when he or she is ready, once your child is able to tell you when the diaper is wet or dirty, you can start introducing them to the potty. Potty chairs are available in many styles, some will even clap and cheer for your child, choose one that you feel your child will like. The same with pull-ups, get ones with Characters that appeal to your child. Let them know that once they can go in the potty, they can wear the special big boy or big girl pull ups underwear. Try to time when your child dirties his or her diaper, so you get an idea of when to put your child on the potty. Any time your child has success using the potty is a huge deal and should be treated as one. Let your child know how proud of them you are. Rewarding the child can be good with items such as baby crib linens or foot ware (if applicable check white baby girl shoes – this is the most popular colour!)

You should do your best to be relaxed, there is no rush, your child will get potty trained. If you are stressed about it, your child will be too. Remember to be positive and never make your child feel bad, they will have accidents and make mistakes, and that’s OK. Clean them up and move on, let them know you love them. Never put your child back into a diaper as punishment. When your child is older and tells of diaper punishment stories, imagine how bad you feel. Relax, stay calm and loving and it will be easier for everyone involved.

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