Home Remedies for Acne: Will They Work for Sensitive Skin?

An acne problem is really a dilemma especially to teenagers who are more prone to acne formation. The healing process may take short or long depending on the method you will use to treat them. Treating the root cause of the problem is the best way to treat acne. Home remedies for acne are proven to be very effective but there are still lots of things to consider like diet, exercise and good personal hygiene to totally eradicate the problem.

It is always best to consult an expert or a qualified natural health practitioner that will help you create a treatment plan.

Tips for using home remedies for acne:

1. Test your skin

Do some skin testing with the home remedies for acne before applying them to the affected areas. Apply some at the back of you hand or inside your ear, just to make sure that the mildest ingredients will not irritate your sensitive skin.

2. Be consistent

After the skin test, if there is no adverse reaction to your skin, choose a treatment that you think will best suit you. Remember that acne home remedies may take a longer time before you can see its effect on the skin. Wait for 7-14 days. Then see the results before jumping into another natural product.

3. Find a good daily product for your skin

Use hypoallergenic products for your sensitive skin, it is usually water-based, and fragrance free. Try to use one brand of facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

4. Treat your whole body

Treating the acne problem will be fast if you are keeping a healthy regimen for your whole body. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, use the food pyramid as a guide and do a regular exercise. It’s is not easy but you can start doing it one day at a time!

Simple home facial treatment: recommended to do twice a day.

1. Steam your face with hot water; put a towel over your head.

2. Apply a mixture of baking soda with water in a paste-like consistency as a mask to your face. Let it stay for 3 minutes.

3. Wash with cool water.

4. Pat dry your face gently. Have it air dried.

5. Put a small amount of aloe vera gel with tea tree oil. If you have sensitive skin you can use lavender oil.

So what are you waiting for?  Treat your acne problem as a whole. Change your lifestyle now!

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