Interesting Designs for Accent Furniture Tables

Most people have accent furniture tables in their home. This finishes off the room. However, you can just get a totally new look in your space just by changing out these pieces every few years. It’s a chance to really experiment with trends.

You can just bring in other pieces which is especially important when used in smaller spaces. You might need these pieces for extra seating but can store them as end tables the rest of the time. In this case try a bench which is perfect if you have a long wall. You can also place it in front of your couch if you want more of a chaise lounge kind of effect on a budget.

You can also just change up the traditional design style with contemporary end tables. This focuses on more of a cube design style. This could just be a crate design. Crates are popular in designer magazines and add a rich wood tone into your space but you might be able to find it quite inexpensively locally if you look. You might need to sand it down or finish it to make it functional.

Another option is to go with a cube design. It might just have an open design style or be solid. This could be a more modern way to do more of a contemporary wood design. You can also just look for large pieces of finished wood so that it works well with a more contemporary version of the rustic design style. You could even bring in larger accent pieces with a French dining table or library tables.

You can also get a vintage effect and buy pieces from thrift stores. You’ll want to look for quality pieces. This is going to use an intricate top such as marble. It can even have inlays although you’ll have to really hunt to find these pieces on a budget. This gives a high end look to your room and allows you to get these quality materials in your space on a budget.

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