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Introduction to HSS Drill Bit

The HSS drill bit, a high speed steel bit, comes in many sizes, as well as shapes and functionalities. Usually, the shape for most bits is the twist form. The front edges cut the material while the spirals remove the debris from the hole. Sizes of bits can come as small as .8th millimeter to as high as over 12 millimeters. Drill bits are normally made of metal alloys and are designed for a specific task. Carbon and high carbon types of bits are named thus, because they are made with a high level of carbon content.

The Composition of the HSS Drill Bit

The major elements in the HSS drill bit are carbon, iron, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, and chromium. Increasing the concentrations of any one of these metals changes the bit’s properties such as its flexibility, hardness and resistance to heat.

When compared to carbon bits, the HSS drill bit performs better in types of drilling that require high speeds. This is because they withstand higher temperatures while maintaining bit hardness. The HSS drills holes a lot faster than a carbon bit and will not become dull as easily as the carbon bit. Carbon bits, therefore, are more suited to drilling tasks that involve wood rather than metal. These are known as carbide bits for hardened steel.

Cobalt HSS Drill Bits

A cobalt bit is a specific type of high speed bit. In these bits, cobalt is more concentrated and in conjunction with the other elements in the HSS, the cobalt bit is even more resistant to heat. It is designed for use in tasks that require more constant drilling as in production jobs.

Depending on where the cobalt bit is manufactured, it will have five to eight percent more cobalt concentration. Thick metal surfaces such as stainless steel will reveal the major advantage of a cobalt drill bit. The cobalt drill is perfect for these tasks because they will maintain the temper and sharpness; plus the cobalt bit can be sharpened numerous times before replacement is required. This makes a cobalt bit a good option of HSS drill bits.

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