Life After Cheating – Finding Trust Again

If you’ve been cheated on recently or at any point in your life, chances are you’re still holding on to negative feelings.  These negative emotions can be destructive not only to your mind but it can also hurt your chances of having a great relationship with someone else.  What are some ways you can move forward and find trust again?

You first need to forgive your partner for what they did.  Realize that cheating is an entirely selfish act and that it had absolutely nothing to do with you.  They weren’t thinking of anyone else but themselves so don’t take the blame.  Even if there was fighting in the relationship, that doesn’t give them the green light to cheat.  Forgive them now because in reality, it will make YOU feel better.

If you’re married to this said cheater, some outside help may be beneficial.  If you’re looking at rebuilding trust in a relationship with your current spouse, going for marriage counseling can help you recover.  Realize that it will take time to let yourself trust this person again but that it can happen.

After you forgive and let go of the hurt comes healing, the best part!  Once you begin healing, everything about your life will seem better.  It might be good to start reading books on healing and relationships.  I’ve read one by Dr. Phil and it changed everything for me.  Words can help you heal during this difficult time so it’s crucial to open your eyes, ears, mind and soul to allow yourself to heal properly.

Once you’ve healed and you want to move forward, you can find true love again.  You must know that you can trust certain people as there are some decent human beings left in the world who would never cheat.  Realize that once you’ve forgiven and healed, you’ll be able to trust again.

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