Office Trial on Your Small Notebook Computer

Are you a Microsoft Word user?    Well, here are few tips to make using Microsoft Word easier and more productive.  First of all let us talk about the new ribbon.  What used to be the menus and toolbars in older versions of Microsoft Office is now called the ribbon.  This is a new feature of the Microsoft Office fluent user interface.  The idea behind the Ribbon design is for helping the user to find the commands they need to complete their word processing tasks quickly.   The commands are now organized in logical groups and stored together under tabs.  Each individual tab represents a particular activity such as laying out a page or inserting objects, charts, images into a page.  In an effort to reduce the clutter the tabs are shown only when they are needed.  An example of this is the Picture Tools tab is only shown when a picture is selected.

Have you purchased a small notebook computer with microsoft office trial 2007 loaded?  Here are a couple of tips for saving time and effort when using Microsoft Word 2007.

No need for the mouse if you use the built-in feature of tapping the ALT key to access individual Ribbon controls and more shortcut keys.  If you are in a Microsoft Word 2007 document and you tap the ALT key you will see letters covering all commands in the command Ribbon.  All you need to do is hit that single letter shown in the ribbon tab – for example – A for add text, H for Home, P for page layout, R for review, X for inserting an index and so many more.

You can easily hide and restore the Office 2007 Ribbon by hitting Ctrl-F1 as a toggle for hiding or showing the command ribbon.
You can compare two documents without having to use two windows.  You just click on the Review tab on the ribbon and then click on compare, click on compare again and add the two document names that you want to compare.  The differences will be displayed.
Always remember to back up your data because that is the low cost data recovery system.

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