Understanding the Success of Apple Computer

The Apple computer has gone from an industry breaking company to a bloated corporate behemoth and has managed to bounce back again in 2011, and if previous experience suggests can only experience more and more success as it takes command of the personal computer market.

Thanks to the latest success, the Apple iPad 2 which Apple hopes to sell in the millions, and it seems will, if the past chart topping wins with the original iPad, iPod and iPhone are any indicators.

But despite the success with the best selling personal electronics Apple has had of late, a good part of their overall success is due to the the Apple Macintosh computer lineup, which now not only works as a stand alone computing device, but also as a hub to the digital lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular as we enter the new decade.

The Mac in 2011 consists of just four, (well, five – the Mac Mini is the cheapest Mac you can buy) computer models which offers choice for every computer buyer and every budget but doesn’t overwhelm with so many models of computers it’s impossible to choose the perfect computer for your needs. The PC makers such as Sony, Dell, HP and Toshiba are guilty of this moreso than your favorite fruit company.

The MacBook might just be the best selling Mac Computer this year as it is a notebook computer from Apple that’s priced under $1000 and is a popular notebook choice with home users, students and anybody in the market for a cheap Apple notebook computer.

For the Pro Apple notebook buyer there’s the aptly named MacBook Pro which offers more power, RAM upgrades and display size options than the starter Apple notebook. This notebook from Apple is unsurprisingly aimed at the professional computer user who values the fastest notebook regardless of price and is willing to pay the premium price from Apple for a high end laptop

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