Taking Charge of Your Laptop Battery

Every laptop fundamentally requires a good and proper maintenance. Since the laptop batteries are what give the laptop the power to run and function as it should, they also are in need of some tender, loving care.
To get that top performance from your new laptop batteries, several steps are needed to achieve this. First one is preventing the memory effect. Maintain the laptop battery in sound fit by completely charging it and discharging it at best once in three weeks. But this does not apply to Li-Ion laptop batteries because these are not affected by the memory effect. Next is to keep the laptop batteries clean and dry. A simple step is to use a cotton swab with alcohol in cleaning the dirty battery bases or connections. Third is to keep the battery in good maintenance by exercising it. By this, we mean that you should not leave the laptop batteries inactive for lengthy and extended hours. It is ideal to use it once every two weeks. In case you have not used it for a really long time, best to have it checked or do the battery break in process. Last is the proper battery storage. And if you are not going to need the laptop battery for quite some time, keep it in a cool, clean and dry place. Store it away from crude heat and other metal objects and bear in mind to recharge them before using. Another trick to keeping your laptop in top shape is to mind the laptop battery charger. No matter how powerful your laptop battery is, eventually it will run out. And then you will find that having the laptop battery charger to be very handy.
Like all other electronic gadgets, laptop, laptop batteries and laptop battery charger, require maintenance. It is up to you if you want to keep them longer or replace them in time.

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