Picking A Heartworm Medicine To Use

It can be difficult to decide on a heartworm medicine if you have not previously used one. We have options such as Heartgard Plus for Dogs as well as Advantage Multi and others so what would be the best one to pick?

It really comes down to just what we currently treat our pets for. Advantage Multi for Dogs should definitely be your top pick if you currently use a flea treatment. It combines treating for fleas with ensuring our pets never get heartworms so is a very good choice. We will find that it is about the same cost as a popular flea treatment but with the added heartworm protection. This will save us money and cut down on the number of medications we use as well.

But Heartgard Plus should be your top pick if all that you want to treat for us heartworms. It is cheaper than Advantage and comes in a chewable pill form. Advantage is applied to the skin which many people do not like to do. With the Heartgard chewables we are simply giving our Dogs a tasty treat which they love because of the flavors.

The Dogs love it because of the taste so there is no battling to try to get them to swallow a pill which is a problem for many Dog owners.

Whatever we do use though, if it is the first time then we need to ensure that our pets have first been tested for the presence of heartworms. It can be dangerous to give a medication if they are tested positive. They need different medication first to get rid of the adult heartwoms before they can then go on to a normal monthly treatment to ensure that it never happens again. This is very important and should never be overlooked before we begin to give a monthly medication.

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