Pink Laptops – Why Men Should Buy One

It is a given, that pink is the color of femininity. Let’s face it. Not a single straight man would be caught dead in wearing or using things that are mainly pink. However, considering that more and more men nowadays are opting to wear and use things that are meant for women, it is not that surprising why men have suddenly turned to technology and femininity all wrapped up in one, and that is, the pink laptop.

These laptops, which are oozing in femininity and girlishness, are simply one of the least expected things that a straight guy or men would be caught owning. Some would say I’d rather use a broken laptop, than be caught owning or using one. However, buying one really does have some advantages, and for that, here are some reasons why men should choose to buy one.

  • It makes you stand out. Let’s face it, the conventional sleek-design of laptops that are somewhat metallic in nature are starting to look dull, and pretty ordinary. However, owning a laptop that is filled with pink makes you stand out from the rest. Albeit, it will be raising more than a few eyebrows along the way.
  • It has become quite a trend nowadays, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down in a few years or so.
  • Remember, the mother color of pink is red, and as we all know, red is a masculine color. Pink is red, only made lighter. So, why all the fuss it being too feminine for men?
  • Ever read the saying that tough men wear pink? Well, granted, laptops are far from being shirts. However, owning a pink one is somewhat the same in sense in wearing pink. Get my point?

Granted, pink laptops are not for every man out there. There will be those that are too masculine to succumb to femininity every now and then.

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