Purchasing A Sofa

Purchasing a sofa or couch can be an extremely stressful situation if you are not adequately prepared.  Many times, people are overwhelmed by the number of various choices which are available.  The best way to put yourself in the right mental mindset is to make sure that you create a checklist before you begin shopping.

Measure the size of your existing living or family room.  If you are purchasing a multiple sectional couch, this is even more important.  You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you may accidentally buy a seating set which will not fit inside of your room.  A proper sized sofa should complement, not overpower your room.  You can purchase neutral colors such as brown or beige sofas if you are looking for something to blend into the living space.

Furniture stores usually advertise sales on a year round basis.  This is a very common marketing technique used to increase foot traffic into the location.  Make sure that you shop your prices against multiple retailers if you are looking for the best cost. Be sure you fully understand the terms and conditions before you agree to purchase your furniture set.  A common issue is known as the last minute upsell or bait and switch technique.  These high pressure sales tactics are commonly used to boost the overall gross margin.

Many furniture retailers will try to sell you extended warranties on your sofas.  This can include anything such as accidental spills on fabric, or accidentally cutting your leather cushions.  There are many exclusions and it is very important for you to read the full contract.  For example, the warranty may not be honored if the couch was used in commercial or “unusually high wear and tear” settings.  Keep in mind that these clauses give the company a lot of wiggle room when it comes to deciding whether or not warranty issues should be honored.

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