Reasons For Renting Holiday Villas Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places to spend the family’s annual holidays in. All members of the family will enjoy exploring charming fishing villages, historical places, and marvel at the nice scenery. To fully experience the good life here renting a holiday home here is recommended. Aside from tourists on holiday, holiday villas Portugal are also popular with retired pensioners who mostly come from other parts of Europe. There are several reasons why you should take your family here.

The weather in Portugal is undeniably one of the top reasons why people are lured to this place for their holidays. This country is practically blessed with sunshine the whole year. Summer is guaranteed to be sunny but not too hot with temperatures averaging from 22 to 29°C (72 to 84°F). Meanwhile winter temperatures are also mild with the average temperatures at 8 to 15°C  (47 to 59°F). However, in the mountainous northern region, the weather can get much cooler and experience more rain. This typical Mediterranean climate makes holidaymakers come here every year.

You and your kids will never have a moment of boredom during your holidays here. There are simply a lot of things to do. At the beaches, you can go walking or running by the seaside, indulge in sunbathing, or go surfing. Other water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and kayaking are also offered in some beaches. The scenic countryside is conducive to hiking or cycling, discover old churches and other attractions. In the cities, the main activities are shopping, and going to museums and art galleries. In the towns and villages, the main attractions are the local markets where produce, fresh seafood, and souvenirs abound.

Staying at a villa will also let you experience firsthand the many festivals that are simply a regular part of living in Portugal. During the Lenten season witness and experience colorful parades and processions, dancing and music at the Mardi Gras at the start of the season and the Easter Celebrations at the end of Lent. In the Algarve region, there’s the Feira de Frango or Chicken Festival to look forward to in August. In Lisbon, people go out and join in the procession celebrating the feast day of Santo Antonio, their patron saint, which is held every summer.

With nice weather, lots of things to do, and wonderful events to witness, all members of the family will surely agree to spending the holidays in Portugal year after year. For more flexibility and savings, especially with long holidays, renting a holiday villa is advised. When looking for holiday villas Portugal has a lot of options available.

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