Roll Up Ramps

This is a type of ramp that comes with full length surface and is available for three different widths. It is designed for maximum portability for the home as well as for travel. They come with the advantage of being easy to use and convenient to set-up and store.

They are usually made up of aluminum and despite being light weight they strong and durable. Using them is very easy. It is simply rolled out and then the two guard rails are attached to the side rails to ensure that they are rigid. These side rails that are available ensure that they are strong and act as a bumper guide for maximum support and safety. Most of them are safety tested and come with a non-slip surface.

They are manufactured with a grooving surface to aid in grip and come with a bag for easy storage and transportation. The other details of these devices include a metallic silver finish and come with the capability of holding up to 300 kgs. They are also suitable for all types of mobility devices such as wheel chairs and mobility scooters. There come in two types: single track and two-track units. The single track unit comes with a wider single surface while two tracks is designed with two tracks that offer wide space and can accept more weight.

They are ideal for traveling as they come with the advantage of fitting perfectly in the car’s trunk. They are also easily checked out at airports thus increasing their convenience. While selecting these items the care-giver should ensure that they are of high quality and have all the features that are useful in providing safety and support. The length that is needed for safe and comfortable maneuver will be determined through the assistance of ramp sellers as well as the relevant authorities that deal with disability ramps.roll up ramps

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