Set the Tone With Lamp Shades

There are two ways in which your floor lamp can make a big impact in a room. The first is from the light that it generates and throws around the room and the second is the decorative appeal it adds. The key behind the effect that your floor lamp will have on the room lies in the lamp shade, its size, shape and color.

There are many different design styles, colors, sizes and shapes available in the vast array of floor lamps for sale in just about every furniture store around. It may come down to the type of furniture that already sits in the room, the color of the walls or even the number of items that already provides decoration. You may have to decide whether the yellow floor lamps for sale are going to add to or take away from the style of your lounge room.

A floor lamp has more impact in a room than a table lamp because the light it casts reaches to all corners of the room. It also sits higher in the room and is usually visible no matter where you are. The bulb that you fit the lamp with will also be important because this will affect the tone that will be created when the lamp has been turned on. A muted yellow glow will create a softer tone than a sharper blue-white light. It will all depend on what you wish to use the lamp for as well as the size of the room that it is required to illuminate.

A tremendous number of different lamp shades means that you should be able to create whatever mood for your rooms that you desire. Choosing a couple of different low cost lamp shades will even give you the opportunity to quickly change the look in the room without any trouble at all.

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