Should I Get a Chandelier or Pendant Light for My Gazebo?

When you start thinking about the different options that you have for lighting your gazebo, two really stick out as the most sophisticated and overall best lights.  Those two are pendant lights and outdoor chandeliers.  Pendant lights and chandeliers for gazebos both have several unique positive and negative aspects to them that will help you decide which one you should buy.

Outdoor chandeliers are the most sophisticated and brightest of the two options, but they’re also the most expensive.  If you want a quality chandelier, expect to pay many times the amount that you would pay for a pendant light.  However, if you have a large gazebo, the extra power that you get out of the lights might be worth it.  The extra price might also be worth it for the extra touch of elegance that you get out of a chandelier.  While most chandeliers are powered by electricity and might require a line to be run to your gazebo, which is expensive, you can also get solar chandeliers that will run off of only the power of the sun!

Pendant lights are your other major option for gazebo lighting.  These lights aren’t as large as chandeliers and they put out much less light than a chandelier.  However, they may be all that you need for a smaller gazebo and they even come in many different styles and shades so you can find one that’s more likely to fit your gazebo.  You can also find these low voltage pendant lights fairly easily and this will make the installation of an electrical light much easier since you won’t have to hire an electrician to run high voltage cable under your yard.

In the end, pendant lights and outdoor chandeliers both are great options for lighting your gazebo.  Choose one based on your budget, lighting plans, and how much work you want to do to install the light itself.

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