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Surplus MOLLE Military Packs

The MOLLE backpack system of carrying equipment is the one that is currently used by the brunt of the military. MOLLE stands for (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). Commonly known as rucksacks, these items are not only capable of carrying all of the important items that a soldier will need in the field, it is also designed to carry more than any normal military backpack would. This is the reason these items are so important. The pouches and different accessories benefit not only the soldier in the field, but all of the other soldiers who are nearby. Many supplies such as medical items are store in it.

There have been many different companies in the United States that produce this pack. The ones that are the best known are Armor Holdings, Specialty Defense, and Eagle Industries. Surplus items of this are commonly sold to the general public, or used for spares in the case of an emergency.

There are three main parts to the MOLLE system. The Fighting Load Carrier is a permanent part of the vest. A Hydration Bladder ensures that the soldier has an adequate supply of water. It also makes sure the water doesn’t freeze in cold temperatures. The third important part of the system is the Modular Pouch which is engineered to allow items that are needed to be attached to the pack itself. There are also frequently MRE (Meals ready to eat) inside of this in case of emergencies.

The system itself was started in 1997, but got the most use starting in 2001 after the attacks on September 11th. Although there were many criticisms voiced about these particular packs many other places went on to improve and correct some of the initial issues. The improvements were to fix the zippers and pouches that may have been malfunctioning, increase the amount of load it could hold, and the ability to actually carry more mortar rounds in case they are needed. There is no doubt that this is a very important piece of equipment.

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