Understanding Cremation

What is cremation? It is a process in which a deceased body undergoes an extreme heat ranging from 1800-200 degrees for a couple of hours. This is done inside a cremation chamber in. What remains after the process is the “cremated remains” of the deceased. It is a common misconception that the body is reduced into ashes well in fact, they are bone fragments. Three to nine pounds of fragments are normally collected depending on the size of the body and it looks white like coarse sand.

Once the cremation is finished, all bone fragments are put in a stainless steel cooling pan. But it doesn’t end there it then undergoes a tedious process of separation. Clothing, metal, dental gold and silver and its bridgework are separated from the cremation remain. The remaining bone fragments are processed and are then put into an urn chosen by the family.

Cremation is not as easy as it sound like, as mentioned earlier it undergoes a tedious process. In fact even outside the crematorium it is also a hot topic among the various religious sectors. There are some religion that do not approve of cremation such as the Islam and Orthodox Judaism. However, recently the Catholic Church allowed cremation as a burial alternative. Nowadays, it is gaining popularity based on a lot of factors such as its economic reasons. But whatever belief system one may have with regards to this sensitive topic it is always wise to respect one’s preference.

For concerned families, they are very protective of their loved one’s remains. So if you are curious how cremated remains are kept safe from unintentional exchanges ask the cremation providers about their procedures. Any family members deserve the right to know and secure the last remembrance of their loved ones. For one it is illegal to cremate two bodies at once. Actually, family members can witness when the body is placed into the furnace. And once it done some families bury the remains in a cemetery or cremation gardens, some kept them at home while some even sprinkle them into the sea.

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