Using a Raised Dog Bed

Are you fed up of throwing away dog bed cushions that have become lumpy from having a damp dog lie on them?  Or maybe they just smell bad, even after having just gone through a wash.  More and more people are now moving away from using that traditional basket with a cushion type bed for those very reasons.  Raised dog beds are one of the more popular replacements with many great features to make you want to buy one.

Once you have taken delivery of your dog’s new raised dog bed you will need to construct it and decide on the best place for it.  Luckily they are particularly easy to put together, even if you are generally hopeless at putting together self build furniture.   The simple steel framework, covered by a tough, breathable top doesn’t need much in the way of work.

The height of the bed will stop the cold from permeating in from the ground during the winter and will also allow fresh air to flow under it when it is hot.  The fabric top will also prevent your dog from sweating too much in extreme heat.  Because of these features an elevated dog bed really comes into its own when used outside and, on top of this, the nature of the cover means that it doesn’t get soaking wet when rained on and will dry quickly once the rain stops.  The frame is made from galvanised steel and so won’t rust either, even if you leave it out all year.

Though these beds were invented with the intention of using them outside they are also great indoors or in a dog house, especially if you have an old dog who can no longer flop down into his bed with ease.  The added height makes it really easy for these dogs to get onto their new bed.

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