What is the Best Mattress Material?

Selecting the best mattress is a matter of personal choice and with so many models now available it is sometimes quite a task to sift through the mountain of information out there and decide what’s best for you. The Englander range is one of the most extensive and one way to help you with your selection is to take a look at the many reviews of their products available.

One of the key choices you will have to make is the material that your mattress should be made of. This may be a practical decision based upon budget restraints and comfort, or it may be an ethical decision based upon the need to protect the environment.

The Englander range has been known since 1894 for manufacturing quality mattresses at affordable prices, using a variety of materials. They pride themselves on combining the latest technologies with traditional quality craftsmanship.

Traditionally their range has concentrated on using the various qualities of foam, but even this technology has advanced enormously through time. Lately Englander introduced their Advanced Memory Foam Technology for their Synergy line.

As well as foams, they have a range of coil spring mattresses and though they were slightly later in introducing these, they are made with the same ethic of quality workmanship that has seen them consistently recognized as an industry leader.

If you prefer biodegradable materials then Englander Mattresses offer the Finest organic model made from pure, natural rubber latex, 100% organic cotton fabric and organic New Zealand wool. If you would rather a fusion of biodegradable and memory foam this is also available in their Synergy offering.

Whatever your preferred material for your mattress then you are sure to find something to meet your requirements within the Englander range, which always strives to represent value for money and is available at your local showroom.

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