What Things Can Teenagers Do To Make Money?

Many younger teenagers have an impossible task of finding a job in this economy. Real jobs for 15 year olds are few and far between because most employers only hire kids that are 16 years and older. This means that younger teens will have to find other ways to make money if they want to earn anything at all.

Many families have had to cut back or completely stop kids allowances. Kids still need money though, to buy the things that they want that their parents can’t afford to buy them. Without the possibility of finding a real job, young teens are having to find things they can do that people will be willing to pay them to do.

Babysitting is always top on the list as is pet sitting and dog walking. Kids can also shovel snow, rake leaves, do garden work, and wash cars to make extra money. These are all good possibilities for jobs for 15 year olds and younger.

The Internet can now add a few ways to make money for teens although you have to be over 18 to do many things there. Some online survey sites only require you to be 13 and this can add $20 or so each month to a teen’s pocket. Additionally, there are new sites like where you can offer to do lots of things for people and they will give you $5.00 for the task. Teens can do product reviews or any type of advertising that people need a kid to do.

Being creative and thinking out of the box is what is going to make the most money both online and offline. The teens that are enterprising and have lots of ideas are the ones that are probably going to be the most successful at finding things they can make money doing. Those that are outgoing and love to meet people are also probably going to be able to do well because they can find out what people need and are willing to pay for.

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