Advantages When Using Marble Tiles

There are many advantages of using marble tiling in your home. In this post we will discuss two of them: durability and easiness to clean.

When it comes to choosing tile, durability is a major factor especially when choosing to tile in high traffic areas. Marble tiles are exactly that. They are durable. At only 10 millimeters thick, marble floor tiles are more durable than many other flooring options. For example, travertine tile needs to be at least 3 centimeters thick to use as flooring in high traffic areas and they are still not recommended to use in such areas. Because of the durability, marble is used frequently in hallways, kitchen and bathroom floors, countertops, and more.

Easy to clean:
Marble tile is very easy to clean and keep clean. Many people choose black marble because of the beauty and classic look it brings to the home. However, because it is black and shiny it does not hide dirt. This would be a factor to not choose this color of tile, but with how easy it is to clean it is not a drawback. In order to clean the tile all you need to do is use a sponge and warm, soapy water. This will clean the tiles very well. However, if you feel that you want or need a deeper clean there are special stone tile cleaners you can purchase.

With just these two advantages alone, marble tile has become a very popular choice when remodeling or decorating your home. Durability allows for homeowners to no longer worry about needing to constantly replace tiles due to cracking or simple wear and tear. Ease of cleaning allows homeowners to not stress and dread cleaning the house. No individual enjoys spending the day scrubbing the kitchen tiles when the day could be enjoyed relaxing outside in the sun. Not only do you save time with cleaning and money with the decrease in repairs, but you now get to enjoy coming home to a beautifully decorated house.

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