Getting An Intermediate Saxophone For Your Child

When you are buying a saxophone for a beginner saxophone player, there is absolutely no need to go overboard in buying an expensive saxophone. For most beginning students, a student level of saxophone will be sufficient. However, if your child has been playing the saxophone for several years, then it might be time to upgrade to a more intermediate saxophone.

Usually with an intermediate saxophone you get a higher grade of instrument in sound and manufacturing quality. A lot of times the keys will be lacquered, which is a more expensive process than nickel plating the keys. Usually the bore and body tube are longer and thicker. This will help the student produce a better tone quality. The reason that your child did not start out with this instrument is because at the time they lacked the ability to blow enough air to produce a good sound in a larger bore instrument.

If you are considering buying an intermediate saxophone, then you should have the help and consultation of a professional saxophone player or music teacher. It’s important that you know what you’re looking for when buying a new saxophone. Also, the private lesson teacher of your child will have a good idea of what instrument will be right for your child. They will also know when an upgrade is truly needed.

When you set out to actually purchase the new saxophone, you should consider all different brands including Yamaha, Bundy, or Selmer Saxophones. These are all high quality brands that will provide you with high quality sounds. One thing that you should be aware of is that some horns have more expensive finishes that make the saxophone cost more. You don’t necessarily need these more expensive finishes, because they do not make the horn sound any better than cheaper finishes.

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