Guitar Mastery – Easier Since the Internet

Are you having difficulty remembering the fingering for guitar scales? Can you visualize all the guitar scales that you want to play without having to think about it? You need to be able to put your ears, eyes, fingers and intellect all together in one place at one time and then apply it. I want to talk to you about your guitar playing and how my friend Craig Bassett will help you to be able to visualize scales and become the lead guitarist you want to be.

I know it sounds difficult, but it truly only needs to be explained in a way you can understand and that is why Craig is making himself and his incredible technique available to you for a full three years, online at one very low price. Get instant access anytime you are ready to learn to play. Craig has a style of teaching scales and what to learn that is so totally different, you will be playing scales multi-dimensionally in a short time frame, can you imagine yourself six months from now being able to look back and know this was the moment to start.

Act right now and on top of his Guitar Scale Mastery System, which is the system he uses to learn and internalize scales and Guitar Scale Activators, which are special backing tracks for bringing to life the sound of any scale you are practicing, he is going to give you two added bonuses: Pentatonic Guitar Success, a 240+ page book Craig wrote and Scale Degree Mastery, a 76 page digital guide to teach you learning strategies that will help you gain visual mastery on your way to playing lead guitar.

So get a tall glass of your favorite beverage, find a comfortable seat, and get ready to read what my friend meekly has to say about himself and his offer, which in todays terms is a whole lot of value. You can enjoy being actually relaxed playing. To the best guitar playing ever!
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