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The Benefits of Monster Beats Headphones

The Monster Beats headphones have quickly become one of the most popular headphones being sold online. These headphones are the headphones that are designed by Dr. Dre, who hooked up with Monster to bring a completely new and feature intensive headphones that really blow you away. Together, Monster and Dr. Dre use the latest technology and have designed in features that are perfect for the modern music listener. If you need headphones and want to get a good pair, check out the benefits of the Monster Beats headphones.

The first thing that people notice once they put on the headphones is the sound quality. These headphones are able to bring the purest, richest sound quality on all three of their different models. This is because they use the latest technology for the magnetic driver which is the part of the headphone that generates the sound. The incredible speed at which the driver can switch on and off gives the headphones a ton of control over the sound and can produce an incredible range of frequencies. These headphones can create frequencies so low that other headphones simply cut these frequencies off, leaving the bass sounding flat. The rich bass created by the Beats headphones is immediately noticeable and you can crank up the volume without any degradation in the quality. This makes these headphones some of the best headphones for rock or rap music.

The Monster Beats headphones also bring a ton of smart features too. The Studio and Solo models use a smartphone feature that allows you to take a phone call while listening to music on your iPhone. Simply hit the button and your talking on your phone using the built in mic. The Beats Tour earphones provides an incredible sound and use a flat wire design to keep from tangling up. While you’re at it, grab the latest MP3 Ring Tones From Jamster!

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