Office 2003 Portable

For people that use a computer for business purposes, the new downloads available for office 2003 portable flash drives is a convenient tool to have. This is the full version of the Microsoft product that comes complete with word, excel, power point and publisher. The portable edition is specifically made so people can take their writing, publishing and editing tools wherever they go. The whole program downloads with ease to any standard flash device and needs no installation to run it with. You simply choose to run as administrator and you’re ready.

When you want to access the program you insert your flash into any computer that is available. You choose the specific application you would like to run by clicking on it in the system tray. This is a great way to use this software while traveling for business. You might have a home computer system with everything installed and a laptop for travel purposes. You can bring all the great office tools with you without taking up any valuable hard drive space on your laptop. It is also good for students to use since they usually use library computers and other systems that might not be their own.

If you ever wanted all those powerful tools available from Microsoft, but couldn’t afford the cost of buying them, this is the program for you. When purchased separately these programs would cost hundreds of dollars. Not only would they be expensive, but they also have to get installed on your computer which is time consuming and also uses up space on your hard drive. This convenient download is only about 180MB in size so it fits on even the smallest 1 GB flash devices. You will find this whole package of office software available for download on several Internet websites for free.

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