Office Productivity 101 Customizable Mouse Icons and Printer Stands

For people who use the computer a lot, the types of mouse icons to use are very important. This is because these tiny pointers facilitate task completion, whether it is writing a document or playing music. With the advent of touch screen devices, the mouse may become obsolete soon. Until this happens, people will have to continue to rely on mouse icons, which are up to the task, especially when it comes to performing mission critical computing projects.

In addition, not everybody has 2020 vision hence, some people may need bigger and bolder icons. Luckily, Windows operating systems are fully equipped to handle this and other requirements. There are two ways to customize the types of icons to use. One is to go through Windows accessibility options from the accessories department of All Programs. The other approach is to head straight for the Control Panel and click the mouse icon where all the customizations can be done. For best results, play around with the combination of icons available until full satisfaction is achieved with the clarity of these Windows objects. If the mouse icons do not seem to disappear, this is a clear indication that ones choices are working.

For an individual who is still not satisfied with the look and size of icons available by default, one can always download many more from the Web. There are free versions available, but sometimes the computer user might be enamored with a particular set, which requires a credit card as a precondition for a complete download.

Printer stands are yet another computing accessory, which is totally customizable. As a rule, the closer these are to the computer, the more efficient it is to print stuff. This is because having to take several steps to check what is printing can be tiring, indeed, if not a waste of ones energy. Besides, a PC user does not always have perfect aim when it comes to printing documents or pictures. The farther away the printer is, the more the chance that several false starts could be ordered from the computer, resulting in printer toner wastage and the unnecessary use of paper. Thus, unless one is deliberately trying to derive plenty of physical exercise from computer printing tasks, the space between the two machines should be as close as possible.

Movable printer stands are definitely ergonomic. These could be the wheel type or the swing type. While the wheel variety can be moved all around the floor, the swing version can be attached by screw to the table or a wall. By being able to swivel the stand, many unnecessary movements can be avoided. The office worker should be wise to consider the best option possible as it stands to enhance his or her productivity.

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