Pink Curtains and Curtain Panels

If you are decorating a room for your young daughter then, no doubt, pink curtains are a must. It is a pity to make do with standard run of the mill curtain panels however when for a few pennies more you could create something very special.

It is easy enough to find plain dark or light pink curtains at a reasonable cost. If you look on the web, there are many companies offering these at a cheap price. The only problem with these curtains is that they all look the same, so here are a few things you can with them.

1. Add Sequin Trimming

You can trim the edges of the curtains with sparkling braid made from sequins for a silver and pink look. This looks great if your daughter has a chrome metal bed or mirrored furniture.

2. Add a Feather Boa

Drape a pink feather boa over a drapery rod at the top of the window to create an informal valance for your curtain panels. If necessary you may need to join more than one feather boa with a few stitches to get the right length. You could also trim matching tiebacks with a small section of a matching boa, especially if you have to cut off the end of your feather boas to get the right length for your valance.

3. Add a Different Lining

Use some pink floral fabric to make a lining or additional inner curtain that you pull back during the day to reveal the lining. The lining fabric will need to have the right side facing the window to make this work. Pink gingham or striped fabric would also work well too. In each case make sure that the pink in the lining fabric and the color in the curtains go well together.

4. Embroider the Curtains

If you have a sewing machine, which has an embroidery function, use it to embroider a large motif at the bottom inner corner of each curtain or to create a border a few inches from the bottom of the curtain panels.

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